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Global Warning!

10 Tips for Losing Your Mind!

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A little Pop Music Trivia

Mike and the Mechanics had a hit song in 1986 with "Silent Running"..

He describes the songs meaning:
"... its about a guy who's traveled light-years away, out in space somewhere, and he's ahead in time. Therefore he knows what's going to happen to his wife and kids back home, on Earth. And he's trying to get the message to them to say what's going to happen, the kind of anarchy, the breakdown of society, to tell them to be prepared..." (from wikipedia)

Here are the interesting lyrics..
(incidentally the song was banned on the bbc but was a big hit in US)

Mike and the mechanics
silent running

Take the children and yourself
And hide out in the cellar
By now the fighting will be close at hand
Don't believe the church and state
And everything they tell you
Believe in me, I'm with the high command

Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

There's a gun and ammunition
Just inside the doorway
Use it only in emergency
Better you should pray to God
The Father and the Spirit
Will guide you and protect from up here

Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

Swear allegiance to the flag
Whatever flag they offer
Never hint at what you really feel
Teach the children quietly
For some day sons and daughters
Will rise up and fight while we stood still

and now for something totally different...

why people shop on amazon

"We're all in this together"
Shooting from the hip about a bunch of stuff that irritates me (I hope it irritates you too)

"Do your part to slow the spread.. Social Distancing Saves Lives.. Help Flatten the Curve..We're all in this together"

Consider these and other similar statements we see popping up everywhere - posted on government literature, official websites, 'public service' ads, at the top of every corporate website, broadcast on a tv screen in the gas pump by some celebrity or entertainer... urging us all to hang tight through these shared hard times, to make sure we do our responsible part by 'social distancing', strapping a piece of cloth over our face, only shopping in designated lanes at the grocery store, staying at home and yes, gladly accepting the forfeiture of our income and free way of living for the "greater good" etc etc..

In reality, these 'public-service' initiatives were most likely written and disseminated by the same types of entities that always promote propaganda - those that are not part of the rank and file, those that do not abide by any of the rules which they are so expert at imposing on everyone else (you ever see the enclaves of politicians, medical experts, etc giving press conferences practicing social distancing or wearing masks?) ... and you certainly won't see them forfeiting any money due to the insane policies they push on the masses 'for our own protection'.. They fly around in jets, are in control of multi-national corporations in partnership with governments, live in a totally separate realities from the you and me crowd that they love to disdain behind the scenes, and get all indignant if you or me would dare question their authority to do such things... or point out that their agendas are contradictory/overreaching or totally irrelevant at combatting the supposed crises they are supposed to address.

They (the authors/purveyors) obviously in no way see themselves as part of the 'american team' just trying to encourage us to all 'pull together' so we can all eventually get through these hard times ..
The reality is that they are the ones instrumental in engineering these hard times (for their own benefit) in the first place (and part of this initiative is a multi-faceted ad campaign to broadcast and sell to the masses to get them to buy in and then comply). This initiative is just one more in the grand timeline of planned incursions against the masses who they absolutely despise. They see us as purchasing units, as markets, as a mass of cattle and themselves as the herdsmen.. useless eaters and excess population to be controlled (exterminated), sheep to be fleeced,consumers to be made money off of, bodies to make sick and addicted, then kept alive with pharmaceuticals which they profit greatly from (all the info is out there). Then when our usefulness as a mass market and as a culture and a country outlive the greater plan of bringing down that country and merging it in with the nwo, they implement plans to crash and burn america through their invented crises, where their solutions are always more destructive than the problems...and along the way, we are increasingly monitored, regulated, controlled, taxed, and in every area of our lives, increasingly enslaved, until its time for our eventual disposal.....
But they naturally wouldn't admit all that - it wouldn't be polite (though they are increasing in the brazenness with which they show us glimpses of their intentions - predictive programming, etc). Instead they invent and engineer false events which, with media collusion, they use to steer us in the direction which we would not go if we knew what it was really all about.. In the past few years, we've seen russian scandals (except there was no russian scandal), impeachment hearings (except there were no grounds for impeachment), corona pandemic (except there was no real pandemic - just hyper-inflated numbers dutifully reported, to keep people in their houses and out of the way while they wrecked the economy (among numerous other agendas), racial riots (except they were organized and engineered by socialist organizations and carried out by crisis actors) - those were a few of the major ones.. There were certainly also a number of others along the way (bombings, knifings, be-headings, shootings, etc - just run of the mill stuff to keep people on the news)...And the media presents us with the nightly drama free of charge.. To varying degrees people accept it just because it's on the mainstream news.. Increasingly though, people are doubting what they see - polls continue to show widespread mistrust of msm by americans.. So my question is, why don't americans take the next logical step and stop watching the crap altogether??

The Propaganda Machine wasn't born yesterday
It was in the early 90's I think, that I noticed the proliferation of 'public service announcement's', 'ad-council' billboards,tv commercials sponsored by various government-funded agencies (remember that gem 'VD get's around?') - all steering culture toward a certain bent, philosophy, world-view, all leading us to a subconscious sense of not thinking for ourselves and slowly accepting the authority of the government, the media, the experts, the ones who really know so much more than us simple minded, plebian americans (who need to be told to check with our doctor before taking a walk, need pop-up messages advising us of the potential for hearing loss if we turn up the volume on our music, need mandated health-care, and automatic door locks, etc, it's all for "our own good"..and big brother always pretends to be watching out for you)...And these are the ones who had and still have the power to bombard us continually with their messages and embedded views (all the while making us think it's just the view every modern, sensible American should have.. again, we're all in this together) ...
Part of this worldview had to do with acceptance of perversion and the rise of 'tolerance' (meaning the rejection of judeo-christian values), and political correctness....I noticed it because it never used to be so much, so blatant, so brazen, so presumptive.. .and because I was old enough by then to notice the historical trend - I remembered how it never used to be that way...And I was mad at them trying to tell me, in a supposedly 'religion-neutral' country, how to believe and to imply what religion to have (or NOT to have)...
As I said, one of the main messages implicit in increasing numbers of these ads/psa's etc was the acceptance of homosexual behavior, which obviously went counter to my christian beliefs and was (I believe) the issue that was the tip of the spear as far whether america would fall off the deep end (which it has) or would hang on to it's judeo-christian heritage... But this was just the beginning of the long trend toward the grand governmentization of everything, including the insidious trend of the government taking it upon itself to more and more tell us what to think, what values to honor, and in every facet of our life, what we should believe and how we should act.. It was of course mild in comparison to today, and I couldn't have imagined then how far we have gone away from the values we once honored - or will exponentially go in the future if things do not change...The onslaught of propaganda regarding this issue (which to me really represents the whole set of values known as PC) has been so thorough that culture is now implicitly programmed to two choices: you either accept homosexuality or are a hater.
(Recently I saw where joe biden wants to label christians as 'terrorists' for opposing the lbgt agenda.. This is nothing new, Christians, Gun-owners, patriots, etc topped the list of state department enemies back in the 90's)..

The "PC" Revolution
Of course part of this was the rise of politically-correct characterizations, which was blowing up in our faces everywhere we looked, together with all the implied beliefs we are to accept as part of those characterizations.. PC was coming from holly-wood, education, government, and everywhere.. It was literally as if all the sudden, on one day, it was now totally unacceptable to say certain words or phrases, and every movie, tv show, entertainer, politician, educator, etc etc was portraying these new "enlightened" characterizations and preaching this new dogma...
And this is what made me see that there was collusion.. Since this new common message was all the sudden being preached everywhere - it had to mean a coordinated, engineered plan and hierarchy at the top of which could only be very anti-traditional-america, anti-judeo-christian people..
I didn't know the specifics like I do now, I just knew there had to be people sitting around a table going 'mua ha ha' in dark places and pulling strings in entertainment, news media, education, and politics, etc..The sameness and ubiquity of the message was undeniable and part of what could only be a coordinated effort to indoctrinate and take down our culture through gradual replacement of its long-standing judeo-christian values with the euphemistic philosophies of relativism, multi-culturalism, materialism, hedonism, socialism, etc. (At some point I realized also that this new philosophy of PC superceded the political structures - politics was subservient to it, and it didn't matter which party was in power, the same unofficial state religion of PC held sway..And in most cases, no candidates became elected, or became powerful (with some exceptions) who did not concede to its tenets..This must be then, the invention of some shadow government, or deep state in some form or another, though I hadnt yet heard that term.)
To make these ubiquitous messages appear as if 'this is just what everyone thinks, no propaganda machine here', required the gradual takeover and control of each and every one of these spheres of power, which they for the most part attained. In all the bases of power in America (business and corporations, government/politics, justice system, education systems, media, entertainment, etc), opponents of Americas philosophical regime-change were purged, dissenting voices silenced...Professors were immediately fired for using the wrong words or phrases or for just not being young, liberal, black, female, or homosexual... . Closet socialists were elected governors, militant muslims mayors, liberal judges were appointed everywhere. Then, as it still is now, the mere accusation of being a racist or sexist or (later) homophobe could immediately displace those in positions of power in any sphere..The goal of education became indoctrinating children into the tenets of PC globalism, not in teaching them how to think, reason, or learn a valuable skill. (I remember "Goals 2000" was the name of one such "reform" that the NEA approved in the 90's)..The takeover seemed complete and total, though I believe it was accomplished by infiltrations of a relatively small number, strategically placed at positions of authority. It seemed like something youd read about in the history of China with its volatile cultural revolutions etc...But it happened here...and people still don't get how much we've been taken over..Because the propaganda machine still told us we were free, we're still a democracy, had all kinds of rights other countries didn't...(plus we got caught up in/distracted by all these new technologies and gadgets the information age was providing us with, including all the cool stuff you could now do via the internet.)
Obviously, the takeover had begun long before the 90's..There was the 60's with its free love, LSD, hippies, sex, drugs, rock and roll philosophies, rejection of traditional everything, roe vs wade, prayer outlawed in schools, 'women's lib' (the forerunner of feminism), etc etc..But I guess in the 90's is when I became aware of what was going on, the cultural war that was being waged, and the power of lies being disseminated, in large part through the media... (plus, during the "summer of love" I was only 3, so I wasn't very aware of the larger social trends going on.)
In spite of the facades of free speech we now had political correctness defining the parameters of what one could and could not say, behind the facade of democracy, ruling elites/deep state shadows pulled the puppet strings of their stooges in both parties, under the veneer of education reform we had dumbed down curriculums and globalist/socialist indoctrinatination. Judeo-christian beliefs were attacked/ridiculed/marginalized on all fronts - through the rise of relativism, 'science', and "me-ism" ... This great collusion, though its existence was obvious, could never be admitted to... pay no attention to the small number of evil men wearing illuminatti symbols behind the curtain... Propaganda is effective because people think it's the nightly news..

And Here We are Today
Throughout the current onslaught of dis-information known as the covid plandemic, as in any other propagandized event, it is in their interest to make us think that we are all part of some homogeneous America, one which shares common beliefs (their pc-based ones), have the same struggles, and are all facing the common enemies (the current crisis of the day which they invented)... and this social engineering, if all goes to their plan, is designed to have us buying into their subliminal philosophies and following, like a bunch of dumb mules, their carrot right off the cliff - to our destruction (which we won't even notice). And then they'll provide the solution to that problem as well...And if enough voices and psa's and tv screens and gas pumps and 'expert' medical people are saying the same lie.. eventually people accept it - even if they don't totally buy into the entire narrative. (Along the way, they seem to represent opposing views, yet in reality, the presented "opposition" is also controlled by them. They also invent contrived "scandals" which are irrelevant to the main issues, used as smokescreens..they're clever buggers, and know how to throw bones to those who don't easily buy into their narratives or buy into their pc worldview ..)

Have they Succeeded in Making us all PC?
America is more divided then ever and yet 'they' suggest that 'we're all in this together'.. (Especially hypocritical considering that they have also done their dangdest to divide america (as in divide and conquer) over the last 60 years or so.. We are not Americans - no, we are afro-americans, feminists, gays, minorities, immigrants, millenials, etc)... all with special rights and victim-izations (or assigned a guilt-burden) which they have created and then make them look like the great saviors and guarantor of rights.. all while demonizing their real enemy - mostly white, conservative americans, with our pesky judeo-christian foundations (not that we are the only ones to hold these beliefs)...

The real differences in all of us have to do with beliefs - now more than ever, I would say... I would never consider myself in any way aligned with an inner city 20-something male who spends his days living off his part-time girl-friend's government checks, spends his nights taking and hustling drugs, hates cops, blames white people (like me) for most of the social ills and his low station in life, looks for any opportunity to profit at breaking the law, has been in jail more than out... Nor do I align with a practicing homosexual who identifies himself by his sexual perversions ... No, I'm not in this together with them ... Especially considering that 'this' is not really the thing we are facing - it is an engineered crisis. To accept otherwise is to become part of the lie, is to play into their hands. It is to also accept that lifestyles don't matter -and we should all bear the collective burden of each other, irrespect of the fact that some live irresponsibly and in direct opposition to sense, reason, and law. (Sounds kinda like Socialism).

For that reason it is important (from their standpoint) for us to forget all that stuff about different values and living responsibly and at least partially buy in to their idea that 'we're all in this together'. This is what they are banking on.. Why? So we will accept their narratives and pc-values, to concede even partially our old-world ideas and conservative ("white") identities, which they insist are really part of the problem), and to buy into their spin on the facts - in other words, to validate the propaganda, to accept the lie as truth...And to also then, unite under their banner, under their world-view, and then to accept without question or resistance, their 'solution'... If we accept the problem on its face, we will accept the solution.. If we don't, then we become the trouble-makers, the haters, the terrorists... (How insensitive of us not to unite at a time like this, against this terrible virus thing and do our social part etc etc..)

But how come it feels like they hate "white guys"?
'We're all in this together' and the guy who rips off his grandmother to buy crack, or those who march for their 'right' to displace you in the workforce because of their 'orientation'. We're in this together with the immigrants of any flavor that are granted free gvnmnt bennies, get a pass on having to pay taxes, unemployment etc and who get employed over you, the accursed white american - the "white privileged" biggott who the think tanks and educational elites and feminists and leftist harvard professors, 'tolerance' advocates, and racial justice activists (black race only please) and ex-presidents etc etc think are always the problem needing solving.. We have been soooo bombarded with anti-whiteness in the last 30 years.. it is blatant now, militant, out in the open.. What are they afraid of? Could it be perhaps that the main resistance to the nwo is white, heterosexual, conservative men?

The Bigger Picture
Maybe there will be a purge coming. Maybe they will successfully convince the 'minorities' through staged racial riots, (and through repeated broadcasts of another killing to rile up the masses, which they are hoping may finally tip the boat over).. that they should take up arms against the 'years of oppression by the white privileged male society'... (forget the fact that the elitists that are engineering all of this are mostly insanely rich white men (the kissinger, brzezinski, rockefeller, bezos, zuckerburg crowd) who are more than happy to pretend to want to help the poor disenfranchised minorities (which they define as anyone except basically old, conservative, straight people) in order to carry out the plan against america to divide and conquer - then they will dispose of the minorities faster than the world trade center)..

So maybe they're trying to set up a civil war in the short term to stop the populist movement and it's hero, the current face of american resistance to the nwo - president trump.. maybe also they're crashing the economy in order to roll in a new monetary system - certainly a prerequisite for nwo/one-world rule).. The problem with this particular scenario is that you can't run a civil war with crisis actors.. when real bullets fly from the resistance (ccw-carrying white guys with guns), the 'angry protesters' suddenly will vanish .. all those thousands of americans who on the same night just arbitrarily decided to stop what they were doing (which was barely surviving, feeding kids, putting gas in the car, drinking beer etc), call up their neighbors and drive to one of the major cities across america to go march in front of cnn camera crews and then to start throwing bricks - piles of which just conveniently happened to be pre-placed in strategic locations. Sure, makes perfect sense. We paid the baby-sitter till 9 so why not bust out a few police car windows or set the court-house on fire...certainly there were some "real americans" in the crowds, but the rabble-rousing head-line grabbers who are made to look like the majority, are paid, bused in and/or members of elitist-funded orgs like antifa or blm...
And many of these thousands 'fed up with racial injustice' will not show up for the real fight, (especially those who are no longer being paid $200/day)... and the protests will be seen for what they always are - a manufactured movement.
Martial Law and nwo Roll-out in America
But maybe that doesn't matter... Because (I believe) they just need to again use the power of the media to broadcast just enough of the alleged 'massive civil unrest' to convince the masses that it is justified in rolling out their plan B or C or whatever stage we're in... Just like strip-searches are somehow still necessary to combat post 911 terrorism, the new measures will start with nationl guard roll-outs, militarization of police, checkpoints, complete and total surveillance, social credit scores, commerce tracking (mark of the beast anyone?), complete control of travel, de facto martial law, fema control, government usurping of every resource etc etc... The infrastructure for all of this is already in place (how coincidental and convenient!).. They're even using the buzz-words which they invent whenever they want to roll in a new agenda.. Global reset.. Oh, you'll be hearing more about it if they get their way.

Some Historical Perspective
In 2001 they ran 2-4 planes (depending on which story you follow) and simultaneously performed a controlled demolition of some buildings to justify ushering in the next stage of the nwo in America - hyper-surveillance, hyper-control, patriot acts, strip searches at airports, and oh yeah, the invasion of Iraq. Because of that war, they cleverly were even able to get the patriots (their avowed enemy) behind them - at least for awhile... But it was all about money, control, and destroying american freedom (like it always is)... They also destroyed a lot of american young men (ptsd, drug addiction) who might otherwise end up being thinking individuals who would identify and resist the globalist/deep-state take-over of America.

It only took a relatively small number of "terrorists", (just as it only took one "killing" of a black man by cops)..because it was in one of our biggest cities and it was all broadcast and re-broadcast umpteen times.. the power of the media.
And then came the onslaught of propaganda supporting the roll-out of the "new america" (all of which was already planned and ready to implement) - with all the official responses: a new department of homeland security (like the nazi's needed the ss), border lockdowns, militarization of police, justifications for war (marketed with the 'cool' factor of embedded reporters so we could watch iraqis being blown up in real-time - better than 'call of duty'!), the explosion of domestic surveillance ('its a small price to pay for security etc'), electronic monitoring of all us citizens commerce, movements, and communications, drones flying over us spying in our windows..
Scripts were sent out to news anchors all parroting the official dogma of 'terrorism as the new enemy'. Except the war was unleashed against us..we were the terrorists.
But the media (owned by mega corps) is expert at putting the spin on something evil and making it appear good (or for our own safety, etc)...or as need arises, taking some small and staged event and transforming into a "huge, spontaneous, grass-roots movement" of hollywood blockbuster proportions...they've been at it awhile..
12 crisis actors stage a protest in park and cnn makes it look like 'thousands' of residents are up in arms about such and such... or a cnn producer queues some arabic-looking guys (or whoever) when to throw rocks to make it appear as if a spontaneous protest against an american embassy (or whatever) has just broken out in Zimbabwe (or wherever), which just happens to call into question the president's recent policy regarding that issue (or whatever).. except it's all done in cnn's back lot in los angeles, using a few paid hollywood extras - and voilà .. why go to all the expense of covering the news when you can manufacture it to your own specifications? Wag the dog.. Like a close shot of Anderson Cooper standing waist-deep in a ditch to make it look like massive flooding is occurring.. And we lap it up.. we send donations to flood victims, or get angry at the 'injustices' we've witnessed, and we suddenly have a little more doubt about the leader we elected who is supposedly responsible for this tragic injustice to these poor people - (after all, we hear him attacked night after night as a racist, homophobe, nazi, warmonger - maybe there is some truth to it, we think) - mission accomplished. It happens every night for your entertainment pleasure.. and it's all a lie. All of it.

The point is, they don't have to do a lot to create the huge ripple effect - which is always how propaganda works. In the present case, the ripple effect is the roll-out of what they already have waiting in the programs, policies, agendas, emergency orders, etc all designed to get us closer to the desired 'global reset' and the end of the america we know.. Included in these will be some new tax which will enrich them, impoverish us, reduce american sovereignty etc etc.. The next stage of our destruction. During the current (though dieing) Covid crisis, they televised unsubstantiated reports by unsubstantiated experts saying the coronavirus is killing x number of unsubstantiated people and people buy into it because it's an official authority saying it.. (Also, I believe that people have been programmed to actually desire a new crisis - to fear something bigger in order to lift them out of the boredom of their lives...and to rely on the media to give it to them! - I know it sounds weird but we are weird in many respects - why else do we like to watch horror or disaster movies? it's exciting, it's not the normal routine - I wouldn't have to go to work if that happened. So they bring the movie into real life and we're now part of the action.)

The official 911 story (you know, some skinny guy with a beard living in a cave master-minded the overthrow of the greatest country in the world) has been discredited a gazillion times (steel-framed buildings cannot fall down because a plane crashes into them)... But it doesn't even matter. We've moved on now.. We've forgotten that. That was yesterdays episode... That's like watching a re-run..
We are nightly bombarded by some new kind of crisis, and also every few months a mega-crisis comes along.. and then, every election cycle a mega-mega-crisis (weird how that happens)...

So we half-believe something isn't quite right, but our lives demand that we move on and not really do anything about it.. Even though, yesterdays (or 20 years ago's) crises headlines have been discredited by insiders, retired military who discover their conscience, whistleblowers like snowden, assange, or the innocent victims. Yet somehow we still listen to them, we still tune in, thinking maybe they'll tell us the truth this time....
We keep watching the lies because it's too much trouble to discern what the truth really is...And we buy into their lies invented to discredit the mountains of evidence showing the official stories of the last 50 years to be false..."oh thats one of those 'conspiracy theories'", I read about that on wikipedia...yes, conspiracies about mass shootings (that never happened, or at least not the way it was reported. they want to take our the deep state forces embedded in our own fbi/cia stage a shooting, blaming some fall guy, then the media shows an endless parade of "concerned parents", purported students, "outraged" local authorities, paid-off law enforcement officers who all seem to have the same idea - we need gun control.)...Or the wild "conspiracies" about officials trafficking kids (hundreds if not thousands of victims have testified as having been abused and trafficked by congressmen, hollywood producers, supreme court judges, presidents...yet it's largely ignored by msm), or about Russian collusion (that was a lie), or about chinese viruses... or are we past that now? That was yesterday's reality show... we're into racial riots now (that were completely staged and run by funded crisis actors) or you know, maybe that's fizzling.. next up.. stay tuned! What an exciting world we have! We could call it a brave new world but that label is taken...
They provide us with an onslaught of inputs so that we won't have time to think, to discern, to see the big picture, to see things they say never add up, never jive with the real world events they are reporting on. And they want to over-whelm us, make us feel helpless, on the edge of our seats (so we won't get out of them)...Then they have us where they want us - passive and in a state of learned helplessness..

So people in general have become short-sited and numbed out in their ability to see the bigger picture and to reason inside that 'something isn't quite right' with this narrative.. Or to ask the questions: 'why is it they are all saying the same things? why is it they are all trump-haters? why is it they use the same language when reporting? why aren't the numbers adding up? why are there too numerous to ignore reports and videos which clearly contradict the official, oft-repeated stories of over-run, short-staffed hospitals? why are independent doctors and former editors of prestigious medical journals refuting the pandemic narratives, disproving the deadliness factor, questioning the methodologies used for identifying cases (exposing the practice of greatly over-stating the numbers of sick and dead)? why was there a pre-planned "what-if" scenario "coronavirus pandemic preparedness exercise" (called "Event 201", sponsored by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates October of 2019, Before the coronavirus even was heard of? why are all these independent people coming out and validating 'conspiracy theories' and alternate narratives (yes, about corona, but also about 911, about mass shootings, about any political event, about mk-ultra, about child-trafficking, about weather-modification, about wildfires, about immigration as an invasion from the south border, etc etc.)... why is it I feel like they are all acting and this is a big show put on for our entertainment/manipulation? Why does it feel like I'm being played with irrelevant or mis-leading information while things are happening to our destruction behind the scenes?' Or maybe I'm the only one who has these thoughts...

Propaganda in History
Propaganda is based on using a lie to steer people in a way of thinking that is beneficial for the ones in power.
..'The [propaganda] campaign's only rationale was to blunt the sensibilities of the people regarding the campaign of persecution and murder which was being carried out.
.. [The directives] clear and expressed purpose was to enrage Germans against the Jews, to justify the measures taken and to be taken against them, and to subdue any doubts which may arise as to the justice of measures of racial persecution to which Jews were being subjected..'

That was Otto Dietrich commenting on the Nazi regime's programs of propaganda regarding their genocide against the Jews in pre-WWII Germany.
It's significant because it seems that only in hind-site can the general citizenry see the big picture.. No one today condone's what the Nazi's did.. But somehow, decent, normal, family-oriented Germans gradually accepted it, or at least tolerated it, or learned to look the other way , even though it was going on right in front of their eyes...And they were concurrently bombarded with PC...I mean anti-Jew propaganda.. I could talk about abortion in our own PC-saturated day and age.. how the propaganda machine of the political left crazies have convinced/duped girls in this culture into accepting the horrific, unnatural lie that it is somehow their 'right' to kill their own baby - a plank of the feminist manifesto.. . All God-given protective instincts and fierce sense of self-sacrifice which women naturally feel for their children were somehow completely overridden by this 20-year propaganda machine...And those that oppose "abortion on demand" are haters, want to deny a woman the "right to her own body" - (in the same way the nazi propaganda's "clear and expressed purpose was to enrage Germans against the Jews", so is it the same goal today to demonize opposing views and enrage the populace against those who hold them). 50 million dead babies per year is horrific to any reasonable person's sensibilities...but let's also read Otto's first line again.. "The [propaganda] campaign's only rationale was to blunt the sensibilities of the people regarding the campaign of persecution and murder which was being carried out.". He was talking about nazis exterminating the Jews... But we could just as well be referring to the same techniques used by the PC nazi's of today in justifying the "blood sacrifice" of the millions of innocents under the propaganda of "reproductive rights" and "free choice"... See the connection?

The Truth is out there
Because of the power of the internet, scores of people are out there posting their own videos of the las vegas massacre (for instance), showing clearly that the official narrative of a lone gun-man on the floor of a casino was not only bs, it was an impossible scenario.. Same with Sandy Hook, same with san bernadino or the Boston massacre - oh you say, I forgot that one.. That's what they're counting on.. That we'll forget and move on to the next nightly bs crisis and their next bs story designed to implement the next bs phase of our enslavement...
Throughout the entirety of this corona "crises", independent sources have refuted all of the official two years, it will become "mainstream knowledge" that this was an extreme over-reaction or whatever...But it won't matter because it served its purpose of controlling people in the moment and in having an official justification for all the extreme responses which they want to implement...
Tons of videos appeared on yt a few years ago, showing clearly the smoldering melted steel-frames of cars and neighborhoods in California that were taken out by "wildfires" - except again, impossible.. wildfires do not generate the amount of heat to melt metal, as numerous fire-fighters testified, nor do they jump from street to street - leaving one burned and one completely intact.. Add in that multiple witnesses saw blue beams in the sky, add in that these beam weapons have been known to exist for a long time... and you can easily piece together the real story - yes.. dark entities in our government tested its weapons against our own people. But it happens all the time, every night, behind every official narrative is the dark truth.
Many people don't want to look into this information... Or in the back of their minds, they justify these doubts and explain away the evidence presented by independent sources that expose the ridiculousness of the official narratives.. they justify it by thinking 'if it really was that way, they'd be talking about it on the news'... Which in itself, shows how effective and powerful the msm propaganda machine has become...We've given our authority to think over to smiling people in suits and ties on the other side of cameras simply because they look credible or they're the supposed experts or we grew up on walter conkrite and dan rather - we were trained to trust them to tell us what daily events were relevant (and by ommission, which events weren't relevant).. we couldn't fathom these people are part of a dark conspiratorial machine designed to shape our thinking, discourage us from questioning the official narratives, nor to even think we have the capacity to challenge them as the authorities on all things.. nor could the german people (probably) fathom the horrors of what was really happening to the Jews...

The Dark Truth of America
That those 'trusted officials', those media actors, those liars with smiles, the well-placed political leaders posing as America- loving public servants but who have sold out their allegiance long ago to the dark entities that seek the downfall of america and the rolling out of the nwo.... these same ones are those who have given us the official narrative of what's going on in the world for the last 50 years - and we believed them because they have a suit on, because people are shoving microphones and cameras in their faces so they must be 'in the know'.. . yes, in reality (just in case anyone cares about reality) they are all part of the entities that want to destroy us and usher in the next phase, whatever that is within their great time-line.. - yes, it's the elites, the globalists, the bilderbergers, the masons, deep-state, the communists, the illuminatti -they are all real and they are in control... (This calls for listening to your inner voice, your heart.. And not your head (which is being programmed))

At least Do your own Research.

A gazillion (not an exact number) people are increasingly testifying about the dark evils of our great elected officials (the comprimised ones at least) and their allegiances to secret societies, occultism, their involvement in drug and child trafficking for their own perverse pleasures.. If you have 120 seconds to spare, do a yt search on bohemian grove or mk-ultra, cathy o brien, fiona barnett, franklin cover-up, agenda 2030, celebrity illuminatti or 911 to name just a very few...
The info is out there.. although it is becoming harder to find than even two years ago.. social media platforms are censoring like never before - in the name of protecting us from 'fake news' or in the name of 'violating our community standards' .. you know that 'community' that we're all a part of - as in 'we're all in this together'... the one that shares all the same values and beliefs and would certainly all agree to let yt or fb or google help us decide which videos are appropriate for us to see - and those that are in violation of our common standards - except that we're not and we don't...
we certainly don't want to hear about some 'loony' who claims she was trafficked as an mk-ultra, cia-created, mind-controlled sex slave to people we voted for 20 years ago.. .how preposterous.. except that there are hundreds out there now saying the same thing.. there are insiders - former military high-ups coming out and corroborating the stories.. the stories occasionally show up in the mainstream media as blips (they can't always ignore stories because they're so much in the open - franklin cover-up, pizza-gate, etc).. and then strangely they're not heard from again, after the official narrative "dis-credits" the truth with some preposterous counter-stories ('false memory syndrome etc)... but we believe them anyway...we don't want to believe the people we elected, the 'democratic' systems we have come to believe in, the smiling, good-natured, good-looking, confident, articulate news anchor that 'we just love', the famous actors who are always so willing to share their deep political convictions - that these would ever be part of some dark cover-up of truth perpetrated by elitists in high places..and are merely puppets on strings, parroting official lies, reading scripts... .. We still want to believe that America is different - we're the good guys..

The economy has already been irrevocably changed so from the globalists standpoint, mission accomplished as far as corona.. Bury your head in the sand, wear a mask if you want, stay six feet apart... the evidence is so much out there it is undeniable... when you come out of the sand, the world as you know it won't be here.. in fact, it's not here now.. but hey, we're all in this together..


Truth and Lies in Protests and Corona

Media Manipulation and Lies (short clip)

Lies are easier to believe than truth since they're broadcast everywhere and it is easier to parrot what everyone (especially official-looking people in the media or in government positions wearing suits and ties) is saying...except that those lies don't stand up to, 100's of hospitals reported being over-run when they're not, who/cdc claiming corona is deadliest pandemic in hundreds of years while scores of independent Drs. saying it is not and that the 'science' behind their explanations are false, and that everywhere Drs/hospitals are greatly over-reporting cases of corona because of political pressure .etc etc..

Of course, the quarantine, social distancing and absolute necessity of wearing a piece of cloth over your face somehow doesn't apply to groups of Drs and government leaders giving press conferences or meeting to do any of their normal business, nor does it now apply to 1000's of 'protesters'...(Doesn't any of that make you think beyond the mainstream narratives and cause you to question all the official numbers they doll out in order to control and work another agenda?)

Regarding the "protests", which were at no point "spontaneous, organic" citizen-organized reactions over police violence...(btw, white people are brutalized by bad cops also...yet no walmarts looted, no court houses burned down, no beatings of innocent bystanders, no funded crisis actors bused in etc).... The real story: Soros etc funds antifa/blm/etc..The media broadcasts one event, crowds of paid crisis actors are almost immediately seen holding pre-printed signs, throwing stacks of pre-supplied bricks, inner city thugs looking for any excuse to do what they do, leap into action – eventually other anarchist organizations (funded from the same sources wanting to take down the america that was) are emboldened to even more extreme acts of anarchy.. angles make it appear as like there are exponentially more rioters than there are.... reports played and re-played umpteen times on every media outlet to stir/manipulate/fling guilt etc as national guard rolls in, curfews enacted, state/natl emergency declared, more government controls/lockdowns, more excuses for heavy-handed emergency powers, which will be seen with increasing permanence ..checkpoints, ("your papers please"), monitoring, even more hyper-surveillance and control - all the infrastructure is already in place.. furthering the destruction of the america that once was...mission accomplished...yes its all engineered...yes they'll blame trump...corona was fading so a new crisis was needed...
By the way, the furor over people not social distancing, wearing bandannas, staying home except for necessary business, all of the sudden doesnt seem to matter for some reason (or is it mass protesters marching in close quarters aren't susceptible to corona infections?).
msm is a propaganda machine used to engineer social reactions, emotionally stir un-thinking people, and facilitate the heavy-handed destruction and takeover of america...

To see the real causes behind the official facades, look at the effects:
The effects of the virus was that the economy crashed, many small businesses are done for good, people are now more dependent on government than ever, and the aforementioned overall increase in government control over every facet of our lives.. Of course, they'll blame trump, try to start a race-baited civil war, anything to stop (re)election...
(On a grander scale, the globalist elites already have global plans in place, ready to roll-out, now that the justifications are embedded in publics perception - to completely overhaul every system in the world (go look at global economic forum website among many others).. its part of the next phase.. the "global reset")..

Soon, if they have their way, forced vaccinations, which include dna-alteration and ‘tracking certificates are being spear-headed by a billionaire computer programmer who believes the answer to every world problem is de-population (kill everybody), will be foisted on the world...all for our "safety and greater good"...

We should stop accepting any part of the official stories/mainstream narratives, and recognize that they are all trying to play us for yes, an evil agenda...
Lies are much easier to believe than truth, but truth will set you your own research..
jesus is lord.

Rioting, Racism (and also) Reality
(Part of this was a fb response to a fb friend who was arguing that we have systemic, embedded discrimination against blacks in this country (and so that is the cause of riots, etc...)

I have a different perspective, having been a young man since the 80s...when affirmative action was rolled out...i have since that time - over 30 years.. seen a whole lot of things done in the name of trying to help the disadvantaged minoritues, correcting racial injustice, etc - I have been involved in some of them – (including those that sought reconcilation and understanding etc – unfortunately, there is a large segment (mis-represented by the media as being the majority of blacks – that do not want reconcilation – they want vengeance).. to correct for past injustice etc... and also seen, with increasing fervor and intensity - what can only be desribed as a systematic rise of official state-sponsored hatred of the white race (which is supposedly justified by the past racial injustice that did happen in our country 200 years or so ago by a small group of people in another generation)...

This justification is what amounts to punishing a generation of white people that had nothing to do with the past injustice of slavery...all the while being continually accused of being a racist...with the implication that all whites are implicitlty racist, which offends me because that is a racist statement (saying that 'all whites' fall into the same category)…It is also not true…

In light of this, it is a ridiculous to say there is 'discrimination against blacks"... I reject it completely... we've been bombarded with that idea for so long that people close their eyes to the real-world and just accept the mantra parotted by media, education, politicians etc.. , which fly in the face of the facts which speak otherwise

Also I've seen in the real world sooo many examples of coupled with the complete 'pretend it doesnt exist' attitude for incidents of black hatred/racism against whites. They are ignored by the media, somehow justified away ...(I remember giving a ride to a black guy in pittsburgh once, gave him some money too... He told me to drop him off a few blocks from his neighborhood because in his hood, they kill white people.. Oh okay, no problem...)

Sorry, that isn't how it works.. I wasn't raised in any privileged society - I rode the public transportation system, worked crappy jobs, got evicted because I couldn't pay the rent, etc... and somehow didn't feel like I needed to blame a particular race of people, attack cops, or loot a walmart when the power went out...

At first (late 80's or so) I would say I somewhat accepted that it must be true since everyone is saying so... then you begin to see the extreme outcomes of these things - and the extremes that everyone is going to to accommodate people based on their skin color - special treatment, holidays, free benefits, special educational opportunities, special treatment in the workforce have been dolled out ..... then you see where we are today - on the edge of a civil war - (which is truly what they have been trying to do since the beginning)... And you get educated as to the real owners of the media and the collective PC takeover of America - colleges, government, media, entertainment etc.. and you see it for what it is - a propaganda machine that has no basis in reality but has the goal of shaping peoples thoughts to a particular set of opinions ... which has now escalated to blatant hatred of all whites...the newest invented term being white privelege..

This whole program was part of a plan to divide and conquer america and had/has nothing to do with helping blacks..which it has never is a movement designed to demoralize blacks and then drag down tbe rest of culture with it... Btw, you will rarely see blacks supporting any cause other than their own, yet you see all these young white people and (supposedly concerned elite college professors who themselves are rich and have never gotten their hands dirty basically fighting for anyones rights)... meanwhile the numbers dont lie...

i have witnessed tbe entire pc indoctrination (which is what it is) program an entire generation to believe blacks and certain other 'minorities' deserve special entitlements and that basically all whites are to blame for everything...sorry, but this to me is enraging... the media representation of blacks is also there are many blacks who do not support or buy into the idea that there is "socioeconomuc disparity...due to racism against blacks"... What i have seen with my own eyes more and more over the last 30 years - too numerous to mention, is the implementation of the current state- sponsored racism against whites...ive been in jobs where blacks could not get fired because the company was afraid of being sued as racist, they were hired, along with gays, and women simply because companies get gvnmnt money for hiring them -filling quotas...has nothing to do with ability to do the job...entire corporations are swapping out all their IT white guys for imported indian h1b visa holders because again, the gvnmt pays them to discriminate against american white men - call it for what it is... ive experienced this first-hand, along with witnessing examples of extreme irresponsibility by blacks being rewarded or given a pass (eg, I would be fired if I didnt show up for work)as this is the real world... (And I’m not saying all blacks are like this – I’ve known and worked with many that were very responsible, etc…)

But my perspective obviously is not the PC worldview which is ever being shoved down our throats.. which is in fact, a planned propaganda designed to demonize the white race (especially conservative, heterosexual males) and divide and conquer america through splitting us all into 'victimized' groups all deserving special rights and make up for all the past wrongs - the supposed discrimination which all us white guys have against the blacks or against women or against the gays or against the immigrants etc etc ad nauseum.. people ..tho it is not defined to race or color - are born into different socio-economic classes..whites, blacks, chinese..and people in every one of those classes overcome and succeed or they dont...


The Controlled Demolition of America

Many people are wondering if america is done... if we are witnessing the disintegration of culture and the ensuing wave of inevitable takeover by authoritarian, non-democratic rulers (their plan all along)... the pieces for this are already in place, by the way... it is part of the plan - the controlled demolition.

So yes, I believe most strongly that America is done. That is, the America we knew - its beliefs, institutions, freedoms, protection, security, culture, etc ... but it was done quite awhile ago..
This is the slow toppling of a building that has been blown up from inside - a controlled demolition. In a real building demolition, the outward structure, up to the very top of the building appears intact and as it was even up to a few minutes... until it slowly crumbles to the ground in a pile of rubble due to the destruction of its internal supports.

America collapsed over the last 50 years or so when it decided to reject God and his laws, when it took drugs, when it lived selfishly, pursued sensuality and pleasure and materialism and self-interest, deception and greed over and above all other things. That was the inward demolition - and it was very deliberately planned and controlled behind the scenes... Now we will bear witness to the inevitable collapse of the outward structure - the democratic government (though even that is largely a facade), the institutions, the law and order, the culture of freedom we've come to expect and enjoy... it's just a matter of timing - anyone's guess --how long before it is totally gone - but it is quickly going down in stages... The endgame may be that we are taken over by another country (though in many respects we already are) but I believe that it is inevitable.. a 'when' not 'if' type of question...

Obviously this didn't happen overnight - that's why I called this a planned or controlled demolition... the enemies of America (and of free people in general) have been working non-stop to disintegrate our culture through pushing non-values - the hedonistic lifestyle, anti-family, anti-religion, anti-every value that used to define American ideals, and its foundation of judeo-christian beliefs.. We've witnessed the destruction of the family, the advancement of political correctness as the official state religion, education 'reform' in multiple phases and under different labels, but each having the same core of relativism and indumbtrination, the gradual but unmistakable demonization of those that hold Godly traditional or old-america values, etc etc..(and this is just a sampling of the over-reaching takeover agenda)..

Of course there many who don't do these things - who have seen the madness for what it is and have retained some degree or another of sense, reason, and morality... who live more or less by God's laws (even if they would not identify themselves in that way), and even many who have realized that God is forsaking America and have sought repentance and change of lifestyle away from the hedonism and apathy that now characterizes large segments of our culture..

I believe that those that don't do these things can survive - at least for awhile - but in a much different America.. though it will be one of foreigners in their own country - of strangers in a strange land .. It will be of small enclaves, hidden communities (eventually), communes, etc.. In other words, we will be no longer be able to rely on the protection of our government and our former rights of freedom of religion and speech (which have been under attack for decades now) for our 'aberrant' (and abhorrent) way of life (remember being called a 'basket of deplorables'?) That is how the new ruling class views those that don't go along with their agenda of controlling America through destroying its soul.

Stay tuned for part II

June 7, 2020
Global Warning Video

The Real Agenda

April 20, 2020
Alien/Demons taking over culture by deceiving people into docile compliance
They Live is a 1988 American science-fiction action horror film....It follows an unnamed drifter who discovers through special sunglasses that the ruling class are aliens concealing their appearance and manipulating people to spend money, breed, and accept the status quo with subliminal messages in mass media. (from wikipedia)

"Our projections show that by 2025, not only America, but the entire planet will be under the protection and the dominion of this power alliance. the gains have been substantial, both for ourselves (the aliens) and for you, the human power elite (ruling elite/corporate heads). You have given us entre to the resources we need in our on-going quest for multi-dimensional expansion. And in return, the per capita income of each of you here tonight (ruling elite/corporate heads) has grown by and average of 39%."

Speech given in "They Live" 1988 sci-fi movie

Watch this clip from They Live

alternate universe, demon infiltration, nwo/man of lawlessness

Dec 2nd, 2019

awhile ago we merged with some dark alternate in the original star trek 'mirror, mirror' episode, where spock has a beard and he and everyone is evil...
in our new evil universe, children are taught gender choice, perverse "people" "educate" young kids about the virtues of sex, while deep entities within government agencies facilitate the abduction and trafficing of children (for elite perverts), teens are taught witchcraft, mothers annually sacrifice 1 million babies to molech...Read the Rest

Help! by Giac
Someone help me ..I woke up in this dungeon...I find myself locked in a small cell...barely 8 by 12 ...
I am at the mercy of ruthless, heartless controllers who have conscripted me into forced labor... There are many others here...many try to pretend they here by there own free will, but i see the on their faces the same tired, confused look of prisoners wondering how they got captured...Read the Rest

star trek, klingons, msm, and warmongers

Return to Barbarism(15+ years ago)

Truth Be Told (old blog)

A dialogue of faith and skepticism

Faith Revelations

forcing your religion

A common phrase heard in our culture today is 'forcing your religion down my throat'. And from my observation, this phrase is almost always applied (obviously in a derogatory sense) to Christians of varying denominational labels, who purportedly spend their energies insisting and coercing everyone around them to adhere to their beliefs. Furthermore, this derogatory epithet is often applied to Christians who even as much as mention, reference, or state anything pertaining to their faith. There is an increasingly high level of animosity toward Christians in our culture, supposedly because of our perceived incessant religious coercive activities, while ironically, an open-minded acceptance of people and cultures of almost any other religion. I will examine why in a moment.... Read the Rest