Bring Me Back My Heart

Far Cry From Freedom

Not Enough Hours in the Day!

Day Late

My Friggin Way (take 2)

Whatever Happened to Food?

Today's the Day

Time Away From the River

Global Warning

Grass Aint Greener

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The End of the World!

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Dr. Mirm!

More Dr Mirm!

It's Only Country

Clem's Gun School

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upcoming gigs:
  • Fri jul 31st - Table 31 Restaurant, Mooresville,NC
  • Wed/thurs jul 1st/2nd - Trojan Patio Restaurant, Sparta,NC
  • Fri jul 3rd - Tlaquepaque Restaurant, Galax, Va
  • Wed jul 8th - Delta Blues BarBQ, Bristol, TN
  • Fri jul 17th - Laconia Ale House, Sparta, NC
  • Sat jul 18th - Tlaquepaque Restaurant, Galax, Va
  • PAST GIGS -----------------
  • Fri jun 26th - Laconia Ale Works, Sparta, NC
  • Sun jun 21st - Tlaquepaque Restaurant, Galax, Va
  • Fri jun 12th - Pines Restaurant, Sparta, NC
  • wed march 4th - obriens southern diner
  • fri march 6th - fairview arts council
  • sat march 7th - cd release party, stone bridge books, ash. cty
  • fri march 13th - vittles, brentwood

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CD Introduction

End of the World

My Friggin Way

Poor Mans Party

my unauthorized, fb-censored, conspiracy-centric, politically incorrect BLAHg...



Light Rain



Extra Songs I had laying around and don't really need:

From Here On Out

Get On Your Feet

Real Life

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